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Deep Thoughts

A finite mind will eventually be full and stops learning. An infinite mind, though it is never full, continues to accumulates knowledge.

Other thoughts

[Book 4b chapter 24] During the Xia dynasty, a man named Peng Meng went to master archer Yi to become his student. After Peng Meng had learned all the skills, he thought that the only one who could surpass him would be Yi, and so Peng Meng killed Yi.

Gong Ming Yi has said that "It seems Yi was not to be blamed". But Mencius said that Yi was also to be blamed, and relates the story of archers Zi Cho Yu and Yu Gong Si.

The State of Zheng sent Zi Cho Yu to attack the State of Wei, which then sent Yu Gong Si to pursue him. Zi Cho Yu said, "Today my old injuries has resurfaced, and I cannot hold my bow. It looks like I will meet my end here." He then asked his driver who was chasing them. When the driver replied that it was Yu Gong Si, Zi Cho Yu exclaimed, "Then I shall live!" The driver asked "But Yu Gong Si is the best archer in the State of Wei, how can you say you shall live?" Zi Cho Yu explained, "Yu Gong Si learnt archery from Yin Gong To, who learnt archery from me. I know Yin Gong To is a proper person, so the people he associates with must be proper also." When Yu Gong Si caught up to them, he asked "Sir, why are you not holding your bow?" "My old injuries has flared up, and I am unable to hold my bow," explained Zi Cho Yu. Recognizing that Zi Cho Yu was his opponent, Yu Gong Si said, "I learnt archery from Yin Gong To, who learnt it from you. I cannot bear to use your own art to harm your. Yet today's affair is under sovereign command, and I cannot neglect my duties." Yu Gong Si then took out four arrows, broke off the tips, shot them in the air, and returned to Wei.

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